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I get it—you can’t trust just anyone with your money. It’s a privilege for you to consider me as your financial coach.

Read on to see what my clients have to say.


Get a Handle on Your Money

I'm dedicated to empowering LGBTQIA+ folks, nonconformists, progressive activists, and those seeking financial coaching that aligns with their unique lifestyles.

More than anything, I strive to be open, honest, and inclusive with my clients.

It was great to learn how to process
my emotions around money.

Cally is knowledgeable, experienced down-to-earth, and cares about her clients.

- Abby

Cally listened to me without judgement.

She affirmed my decision-making style and gave me new financial coaching tools in a supportive, stress-free way.

- Gabby

Thanks to Cally's advice, I was able to pay off my debt. Her advice helped me find balance in my life.

I can't thank her enough for the confidence I gained in the process.

- David

I recommend Chillax
Finance to anyone in the 99%.

The top 1% already has  financial advisors. Cally helps me make money decisions aligned with my values.

- Kate

Who would've thought working with a financial coach would be so fun?!

I'm more confident in my ability to track my finances and I FINALLY have an emergency savings account.

- Erin

I no longer feel guilty about having to spend money, since it is built right into my budget!

I highly recommend Cally for anyone looking for non-judgemental financial coaching.

- Emma

Before we worked with Cally, we were overwhelmed.

She helped us automate our accounts, streamline our budget, and hit our emergency fund goal!

- Aubrey

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