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I get it—you can’t trust just anyone with your money.

It’s a privilege for you to consider me as your financial coach and I want you to feel confident working with me.

Read on to see what my clients have to say.

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Get a Handle on Your Money

I’m most passionate about supporting people who are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, nonconformists, progressive activists, and anyone else who feels like traditional financial planning doesn’t fit their lifestyle.

More than anything, I want you to know I’m open, honest, and inclusive with my clients.

It was great to work with
Cally to learn how to process
my emotions around money.

She's knowledgeable, experienced down-to-earth, & cares about her clients.

- Abby

Cally listened to me without judgement.

She affirmed my decision-making style and gave me new financial coaching tools in a supportive, stress-free way.

- Gabby

Thanks to Cally's advice, I was able to pay off my debt. Her advice helped me find balance in my life.

I can't thank her enough for the confidence I gained in the process.

- David

I recommend Chillax
Finance to anyone in the 99%.

The top 1% already has  financial advisors. Cally helps me make money decisions aligned with my values.

- Kate

Who would've thought working with a financial coach would be so fun?!

I'm more confident in my ability to track my finances and I FINALLY have an emergency savings account.

- Erin

I no longer feel guilty about having to spend money, since it is built right into my budget!

I highly recommend Cally for anyone looking for non-judgemental financial coaching.

- Emma

Before we worked with Cally, we were overwhelmed.

She helped us automate our accounts, streamline our budget, and hit our emergency fund goal!

- Aubrey

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